What is an artisan partner?

A huge part of our mission at New Creation is to provide dignified work to women coming out of, or vulnerable to, human trafficking. To make sure our impact is deep + wide, we connect to different artisan groups around the world. They are our Artisan Partners. Each item in our shop tells a power story of hope + is hand-created by one of our Artisan Partners.

New Creation began by working stateside with a group in Gulu, Uganda. One of the biggest needs these ladies had was connecting to a US market for their handmade, paper bead jewelry. We turned our dining room into a shop + began serving alongside our first Artisan Partner group, The Zion Project. What started with one group of women quickly grew + now we partner with over 40 Artisan Partners.

We have been in the anti-trafficking movement for over 6 years and have realized the power of job creation when it comes to eradicating trafficking, slavery + exploitation. Social enterprises are now being used around the world as a powerful, sustainable way for survivors to move forward. We are incredibly proud to help represent their brands, share their stories + market their products. Each Artisan Partner has a different mission, yet a common thread...dignified work that empowers + employs.

How do we find our Artisan Partners?

Our very first Artisan Partner my husband found by complete "accident". He was attending a College Night at our church where Sarita, the founder of The Zion Project, was the guest speaker. She shared about a two-week mission trip which turned into her moving to Gulu + working alongside women who had escaped the sex trade with the formation of The Zion Project. That was the first time I had seen up close how powerful our purchases are and that we can truly shape the world with the way we buy.

Once we had decided a shop was the way we wanted to counteract trafficking, we began researching other organizations who were working with survivors of sex trafficking. We visisted safe homes, NGO's doing prevention education + everything in between. Through our initial research + connections made, we found 8 more Artisan Partners and marketed their items right from our home.

In July 2015, we opened our first shop to the public + we knew we needed to expand our Artisan Partners. The vast majority had come to us through mutual connections in the fair trade realm. Other ways we have begun working with groups is through YOU, our shoppers + supporters. You all have shared some of your favorite Fair Trade + Survivor-Made brands + we have added quite a few that way. Lastly, we are always honored when groups reach out to us requesting we partner with their artisans. No matter how we connect with the Artisan Partners, we are always thrilled to introduce our New Creation family to their goods.

How many Artisan Partners do we work with + where are they located?

Can you believe we get to walk alongside over 40 Artisan Partners?! It is such a privilege to be a part of breaking the cycle of poverty + exploitation.

Our Artisan Partners are located in:

The US | Nashville, TN | Columbus, OH | Baltimore, MD | Birmingham, AL

International | Moldova | Bangladesh | Peru | Uganda | Cambodia | Bolivia | India | Greece | Thailand | Mexico | Kenya | Ukraine | Honduras | Haiti | Vietnam | + undisclosed parts of the Americas + Asia

What does a partnership mean to the Artisan Partners?

We believe there is such power in coming together. Our hope + heart is to strengthen the work that each Artisan Partner is already doing by marketing the beautiful items they create. Currently, there are 3 Artisan Partners that we help to exclusively design with. Working with those groups from beginning to end to create products for you to purchase has been such an incredible blessing to us + to each group we are with.

One of our Artisan Partners, Remnant International said,

"Partnering with New Creation means so much to us! As our hope is to create opportunities for individuals to play a part in empowering homeless, abandoned and neglected communities to a brighter future, we feel that our mission resounds with the mission of New Creation. With this partnership, we're able to provide career training to former prostitutes in Uganda, which allows our beneficiaries to play a part in the re-imagination of their community as they step into new lives.We firmly believe, more than anything, in Mother Teresa's quote: "I can do things you cannot; you can do things I cannot. Together, we can do great things." Together, our organizations are doing great things, and we are thrilled to work in partnership with such a reputable, wonderful company!"

Each month we will highlight a specific Artisan Partner to share more about their mission, where they work + what items they create. We are excited to feature each one  + allow YOU to be a part of their story through your purchase!

Sabrina Dorman-Andrew

Founding Director of New Creation VA

Harrisonburg, VA