Christina has been our Volunteer Coordinator + Assistant Shoppe Manager since August 2017.  She also holds the role of Resident Chocolate Expert, making sure the chocolates carried in the shoppes are checked for quality on a regular basis.

Here are some of Christina's Top Picks:

1 - Thistle Farm Lip Balm | $3.75

The lavender lip balm from Thistle Farms is a constant in my life! I have one in my purse, in my make-up bag, beside my bed + on my desk. My daughter has her own + don't tell anyone, but my husband does too!  The Thistle Farms lip balm goes on smoothly and provides needed moisture without feeling greasy. The scent is light + subtle without being overpowering. What I love the most is knowing that every time I reach for this lip balm, I am part of the "Love Heals" story of Thistle Farms, working with women survivors in Nashville, TN!

2 - Kantha Bead Long Necklace | $28

If we've ever met, chances are you've seen me wearing this necklace (as fate would have it, I'm wearing it right now!). It's the perfect go-to staple for my wardrobe. Need to dress up a t-shirt + jeans? Kantha necklace. Need a beautiful piece for a date night? Kantha necklace. It is my absolute favorite piece of jewelry to wear! Each wooden bead is wrapped with a beautifully unique hand-created kantha fabric from India, so each necklace is one-of-a-kind.

3 - Kantha Kitchen Towel | $12

I love all things kantha! I have an embarrassingly large amount of these towels + I'm not ashamed to admit it! I use these on tables for a pop of color and yes, I actually use them for dish towels. They hold up well against our family messes! Each towel is hand crafted using recycled cotton saris by women artisans in India.

Side note from the editor - Christina worked hard to not pick all of the kantha items we have in the shop. She has a big heart for India + the kantha items keep her connected until she can return again.

4 - Mercy Macrame Earrings | $16

I'm here for the Macrame trend, especially when I get to wear it! These earrings are some of my favorite go-to earrings. Created by artisans in Haiti, they are lightweight + basically go with everything I own! I'm often stopped to ask where I got them when I wear these.

5 - Tiny Cuff Bracelet | $24

Of all the pieces of jewelry I own from New Creation, my cuff from Branded Collective is the most meaningful. Created by survivors in Nashville, TN, each creation is stamped with the initials of the artisan as well as an individual number for each piece. My cuff was created by PB and I think of her + her redemption story every time I see her initials on my wrist!

Need these items in your life? Well you're in luck! Use code CHRISTINATOP5 through the end of the month to save 25% on Christina's top picks (online only).

Christina Swecker

Shoppe Manager

Making sure all the people are where they need to be