This work is really about walking out life with people.
Start by telling us a little bit about Repurposed on Purpose + your role?

My name is Sheila Lynch, I am the Manager of the Workroom, Repurposed on Purpose at Glory Haus in Marietta, GA.

Repurposed on Purpose originally started as a partnership with Must Ministries helping women coming from difficult situations. Over the last three years, this is still our focus and goal, however, we have grown to the place where we can offer a larger group of women opportunities to work from home as well as in our workroom.

How did the organization get started?

Glory Haus started 11 years ago when our Owner, Molly Holm, + four friends came together to create art that encourages and inspires others. After seeing the need for other women through the eyes of a missionary friend, Molly formed Daughters of Hope in India creating more jobs.

In 2016, with the help of Jen Hatmaker, she and I, created a workroom here in the States to support and train women called Repurposed on Purpose.

We - Glory Haus, Daughters of Hope + Repurposed on Purpose - are now nationwide in over 4,000 stores.

Why is this cause important to you?

We see beauty in the broken, + believe everyone needs the chance find their voice. Job creation allows families to stay together. It creates hope and dignity for women who are raising the next generation.

What is the best way people can engage with your mission?

You can find us on the Glory Haus website + we love for folks to follow us on Instagram.

Do you have a favorite product?

I love our new leather tote bags. It is often said, “I need a bag for my bag”, I may be obsessed with a good leather bag.

What does your partnership with New Creation mean to Repurposed on Purpose?

Number one, it is so encouraging to be on this journey with others who have the same heart + mission – just finding good humans! Second, it allows our ladies to keep working 40 hours per week.

Is there a particular quote or story from one of your artisans that has stuck with you?

We have one lady who works for us who was formerly homeless. After a few years of working here, she told us this job saved her life + if she would have had people who cared for her she would have never been homeless.

She lost two townhomes + two cars. She was a loyal + hard worker, looking to build a future until her health failed. Because she had no family support, failed health + years of depression she lost everything.

Now, having a job with us, she has begun to put all the pieces back together.

This work is really about walking out life with people.

What keeps you moving forward on the days you want to give up?

Our work is always about a community of women who all have really powerful stories. They need the chance write a better story then when they had when they started here.

Shannon Blosser

Office + Event Coordinator

Doing a little bit of everything.