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Global Approach

New Creation was born after Steven, our Co-Founder, heard a woman speak at his church about women she worked with in Uganda. She was passionate about providing them dignified work as an alternative to prostitution. Steven urged his wife, Sabrina, to look into the work being done in Uganda. As a result, New Creation was formed by seeking the answer to one simple question:

What Can I Do Here, Where I Am, With What I Have?

The answer to that question for Steve and Sabrina was to turn their home office into a boutique to begin selling survivor-made Ugandan beads in order to help keep the women employed. Today, New Creation partners with over 60 organizations from around the world who work to provide ethical jobs for survivors of trafficking along with vulnerable women and men at risk of being trafficked.

We also work hands-on designing and developing products directly through both our Uganda and Moldova partnerships. We wholeheartedly believe, through the evidence we have seen, that by providing a fair wage and dignified work within these partnerships, we can continue to fund rescue and restoration around the world.

Local Heart

The second crucial piece of New Creation’s work is prevention education on the issue of human trafficking.  The need for this was realized when Sabrina heard about a girl who was trafficked within her own community. “If it can happen in our little 4-stoplight town, it can happen anywhere,” was Sabrina’s response.  New Creation then began passionately educating others about the realities, red-flags, and risk factors of human trafficking.


Our Moldova partnership is truly one-of-a-kind. We work directly with a nonprofit that seeks to keep vulnerable women from being trafficked. Specifically in Moldova, due to unemployment and economic downturn, women are most at risk of being trafficked out of the country. Traffickers seek out young girls and women in search of a better life with the promise of work. However, when they arrive at their new city in a new country, they are often faced with forced labor and/or sexual slavery.

The goal of our partners in Moldova is to create opportunities which, over time, will diminish the economic and social vulnerabilities. Through job creation and holistic care, the desire is to get in front of the issue, which will drastically decrease the risk of those being trafficked.

Our partnership with Moldova is unique in that we are able to directly work with the ministry on the ground in a hands-on fashion to help with the design process. Currently, 32 women are employed through the program, with over 60 children represented among them. We believe more than ever that design and job creation truly makes a difference in the lives of women.

What They Say?

FActs about human trafficking…..

80 percent of people in slavery are women. More than half
of those enslaved are CHILDREN.

U.S Department of state

Children as young as 5 are sold for sex or labor.
Every minute, 4 children are forced into slavery

modern day slavery

Sex trafficking is a $150+ billion dollar industry, greater than the profits of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Exxon Mobil, and JP Morgan Chase combined.

Canadian Member of Parliament

The average age a person enters the sex trade in the U.S. is 12 years old. The U.S. is the 2nd highest destination in the world for trafficked women, the majority used for sexual exploitation

U.S Department of justice
Fox News Report

1 PERCENT the chance of a girl being rescued,
and the chance a trafficker ever being convicted

modern day slavery